Ray is such a great person for helping you get hearing aids! First off, he is kind and sympathetic. Second, he wears hearing aids and has for most of his life. His choice is Audible so he has first hand experience with them. Follow up visits have been helpful and easy. We drive almost 2 hours to his shop just because of him and it is well worth the drive.
Kim Richard, on Google
New Sound Hearing Center evaluated my hearing loss several months ago. The hearing Aids have greatly helped my quality of life. I now can enjoy hearing conversations and don’t feel left out of family get togethers. These are computerized so as better software is updated my hearingaids give me the best hearing. The team at New Sound are sure to get me into the office if I have any issues and as I was New had several issues using my phone connection properly to reprogramming my aids as my needs changed. Staff is patient and make adjustments to the aids as I visit every 3 months to check the aids and be sure they are updated to newest improvements. Janice and Ray are very experienced techs. Ray has worn hearing aids for most all his life, as I understand it. He is most concerned that I have the best hearing. Great experience! I highly recommend New Sound to give you the BEST Hearing possible!
Donnas Cooper, on Google
Mr. Ray was very nice and compassionate. He tries to help you understand what you are experiencing with your hearing and calm your fears of any anxieties you may have of losing hearing.
Lisa Kaye Haskins, on Google
Great business with helpful friendly staff..I highly recommend this establishment for all your hearing needs!
Cheryl Askew, on Google
Was taken care of by Janice, Trey and the lovely trainee. Worked me in and took time to Understand me. Thank you
Deborah Murray, on Google

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